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Build Back Better is Transformative Climate Policy - Shared screen with speaker view
Peter Behr
How should the Ukraine crisis affect federal policy toward U.S. natural gas drilling and LNG exports? Wouldn’t increased LNG exports with new terminals eventually reduce western Europe’s dependence on Russian gas and thus the political leverage of its energy resources. Is there a policy tradeoff between climate and security policy in this case?
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Peter Behr
On the polling results: How do you interpret the political significance of responses in the “somewhat important” categories? Does this group have meaningful impact with members of Congress, particularly on the GOP side, in your view?
Peter Behr
To all panelists: How do you see the outlook for passage of the energy provisions in the BBB legislation? Does the Ukraine crisis make enactment more likely, less likely, or is that unclear?
Peter Behr
How important are “firm” zero carbon power resources to achieving a zero carbon grid by 2035? Are they essential? Should some options be excluded now? Will they be available when needed without the incentives in the BBB legislation?
Peter Behr
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